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Valentines Day,Your Anniversary
Or Your Birthday,
Special Days to Celebrate
Absolute Serenity
A Couples Massage

What a lovely way to re affirm your bond with
    your partner, by taking time out together to
    enjoy a wonderfully relaxing and pampering
    massage together.

   It can also provide the opportunity to learn a little
   about massage too if you like.
   You will need to allow three and a half to four
   hours for this special visit together; and because
   of the time involved in our schedule we ask that
   you book at least 48 hours in advance to avoid
   disapointment. Remember your first call should be
   between 8.30 and 10 am before our schedule starts.
   We monitor calls on a mobile before giving the
Because  we are agreeing to a large part of our day
  booked in advance for a Couples Massage due to
  the time involved; we feel it is fair to ask for
  advance payment. (Please book at least 48 hours
  in advance)

   We will ask for payment on booking and it will be
  by Paypal, so please have your email address
  ready so that we can send you an invoice.

   A couples Pamper massage lasting between three
  and a half to four hours, including, face, hands and
  feet costs 100 - for two people, this includes
  light refreshments and a glass  or two of bubbly to
  make the occasion special.
Check if there is s Special
   Valentines Offer !
  Our Pamper Massage includes, Face, (with
  cleanser and cream) Hands with cream, Feet
  with Foot cream or gel. The main massage with
  an oil of choice or lotion. We have plain and
  unperfumed choices as well.
  If you have any niggly aches we also have Heat
  wraps and physio tools which we are happy to
  include at no extra cost.

   A wonderful, no rush pamper for you both to
  enjoy. a lovely, thoughtful and original way to
  celebrate a special day!
  Check if there are any Valentines