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  Absolute Serenity
     Health, Holistic & Beauty Therapies
Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 8.30 am till 9pm - Sats - 8.30am till 6pm
Early evening appointments are available with  more notice.
      If you are booking for an Aromatherapy or Swedish Body Massage please note
      our scheduling times are
10am, 12 Midday, 2pm, 4pm and early evening 6pm.

CONFIRMATION - This is important

      New clients are expected to confirm any advance appointment on the landline by the
      day before at the latest, (24 hours notice) We appreaciate that plans can sometimes
      change, but we need to know, as we cannot afford to lose up to two hours from
      our working day, we need time to be able to offer this time slot to another available
      client if they ask. Unconfirmed appointment slots will be automaticaly reallocated .
Saturday  Appointments must be booked  and confirmed by Friday at midday of
       the same week at the latest. Please note we generally need 24 hours notice
       to avoid disapointment, Saturdays usually need to be booked a few days ahead.
Please take the time to read this page, as a professional company we operate  to company policies
to ensure our successful operation and thereby offer the highest standards of Holistic massage to our clientele
    In the first instance please call on the business mobile - 07716996168
           It is best to call from 8.30 am and 10am - Mon - Fri
  We look forward to meeting you,
  You will receive a warm welcome.
   A quick re cap  before you call -
    If you are uncertain about your schedule or it is likely to change, please do not make an appointment,you can always try on speculation early
    on the day in question. as many of our regular clients do, and we may still be able to fit you in.
   Please remember that we do need 24 hours notice of a cancellation for our scheduling system to work, it is company policy that any one cancelling
   at short notice will not be offered an appointment at any time in the future,
... It just takes a little thought and consideration to let us know, and not
   spoil our day.
Our committement to you is 100% and set in stone  for us from the moment you book, we promise  and guarantee to give our
   absolute and  undivided attention to you, and never rush or hurry you, and to make your visit memorable for all the right reasons!
We will need your mobile number if you are calling from your home line. This is so that we have a link of contact,
    for example, if you are running late for your appointment we need to know straight away because of our other clients
    booked on  the day; in the interest of a smooth running schedule. We know that you also don't want to be seen by 
    a therapist flustered and flapping like a headless chicken!
     Welcome to Serenity - a world of peace and tranquility far from the
                                             maddening crowd

The beautiful spiritual music you hear on this page is titled "Child within"
  Its on a midi file by elan michaels - please check the links page
Please allow a few moments for the images to load on to the page before scrolling down
    The business mobile number

   For our well being and security all initial calls are monitored on the mobile number
    before we give out the landline,which is the appointment number. We save your name
   and number into our sophisticated computerised phone system, so that we
always know
   who we are  talking to. Of course we do not respond to with held numbers, callboxes or
   texts. We are sorry do not have time in our busy working day to answer emails, that is
   why all information and answers to most questions is right here on this site for you.
   We do not make appointments with anonymous people. So please call on your own
   phone, (a work number  is also anonymous from our point of view) You will need a
   mobile contact number in order to make an  appointment.

    This  system is to prevent nuisance calls and time wasters, and in the interest of our
    personal well being. Genuine clients will understand and appreciate our caution and that
    we only  want to deal with pleasant and sincere clients. Of course the client has to feel
    comfortable with us - but it is a two way situation, and we never invite people to see us
   that make us feel in any way uncomfortable on the phone. We know if you are taking the
   time to read this that you are one of those considerate people.

    Please have a pen and paper handy when you call to write down the land line number,
    also for directions, we do understand how stressful it can be trying to find some where
    when you are un familiar with the area.
                                                    Cancellation Policy

  Once set up, if you must cancell, do so in person on the phone as soon as possible -
  after all it is only good manners (do not attempt to cancell by text, this may not be
  seen as the mobile numbers are just to monitor initial calls) All contact with us should
  be on the land line please, our landline is manned from 8.30 am and there is an out of hours
  answer phone so you can leave a message.
You must cancel with at least 24 hours notice to
  allow us the possibility to re allocate this time to another client and not waste our time.

  We consider that your appointment is a committment on our part and on yours too, we have
  reserved that time for you and guarantee you our full attention during that time.

  Late cancellations, that is, the same day,  will be required to pay a 50% cancellation fee for
  the wasted appointment time. Any one not turning up, and not having the courtesy to contact
  us will be saved and circulated from our data base. We will not see them in the future.
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