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Absolute Serenity
       Health, Holistic & Beauty Therapies

       You will be welcomed into a beautiful and peaceful reception area, it is not  open plan, and  there is no hustle bustle
     or other people to overhear you; your privacy and comfort are of paramount importance to us. You will be  made to
     feel  comfortable and welcome from the moment you arrive.
     Hot or cold refreshments will be offered when you arrive, and again  before you leave,  there is no charge for refreshments.
     There wil be a short consultation, which should only take about 15 minutes, as Federation members we are
     obliged  to complete this in line  with our insurance specifications. To reassure you, all the records we keep are
     entirely confidential, it is just medical  information we are asking. and no personal  information about you is ever
     divulged to anyone for any reason unless you ask us to.(Like your Doctor or physiotherapist)
  You will be welcomed into  Beautiful and calm Reception Area
      On your first visit there will be a short Confidential Medical Consultation

    We will need to make a note of any medical conditions you have and of any  medication you are taking.
    We need to know if you have had recent operation or  injury, if you have any allergies. We  will note if
    you have any aches or pains, areas  that may need special  attention with  infra red or Novasonic
    equipment; also during  your consultation we will  note your preferences for oils, creams  and lotions
    so that your therapy is tailor made to suit you..

    We use only the finest tried and tested products, all the oils we use are 100%  pure and we collect then
    from the mill ourselves. we also have a selection of fragrance free products. You do need to allow at least
    one and a half hours in your schedule on the day if you are coming for a full body therapy.
    We also like to allow you time to rest and recover at the end of your treatment,  make sure
     you have had something to drink  and are fully well and grounded before you leave us.

  All Therapists are fully  qualified and insured
  "The Bridges of Madison County" is the beauitful  music you
    can hear on this page, its from  a midi file down loaded from
    www.coolmidi.com - Thank you for the music.

  You will be left alone for a few minutes to undress  and to settle down, the therapist will go to wash her hands. The room will be
     warm and smell from essential oils heating in the lamp, and gentle music is playing so  now you can begin to unwind in this
     peaceful atmosphere.  When your therapist returns she will be quiet and leave you your space to relax and only chat in response
     to you. Towels will be used to protect your modesty in accordance with our training, so any areas of the body not treated will be
     covered. For a full body massage you will undress down to your under pants. Ladies, please wear loose fitting pants - No girdles!
Please remember if you have to cancell your appointment
for any reason - it
must be with 24 hours notice and you must
call in person. The land line has an out of hours answer
machine and the phone is manned from 8.30 am, if we are all
busy, you can leave a voice mail at any time to keep us

We repeat, that if your schedule is beyond your own control,
or there is
even a chance that it may alter please do not
make an advance appointment,
call  early on the day when
you know for
sure you are making a firm committment to a time
you can keep.

It is our Company Policy that Cancellations at short notice
and without good reason will be charged  bearing in mind
that we have more than likely refused a regular client asking
later for the same time or overlapping time. Our careful
scheduling is of paramount importance to the successful
running of our business.
Our Mission Statement
Peace and Serenity


  Your consultation completeted you
     will be shown to the therapy room
     and shown the bathroom on  the way.
     If you are visiting from work, you are
     welcome to use the shower facilities
     to freshen up before your massage.
     Just ask your therapist and she will
     leave you time with out rushing you.
     We always have fresh towels, shower
     gels, and sensitive skin products as
     well as deoderant for your convenience.

  At the end your therapy you will be left to rest for
    a short while and not rushed  to dress and leave,
    you will be offered a cold drink, and given an
    Aftercare sheet. If your therapy has included Heat
    Wraps or Hot stones you will be left for longer for
     the heat to work to the best advantage and  the
     therapist will return in 10 or 15 minutes to remove
     the stones or wraps.

   All your medical  and therapy information is
   recorded for future reference, so on your next visit
   we only  need to check if there are any changes.

   If you decide you would like to book for regular
   treatments, check out the discounts available for
   block bookings - this can add up to big savings!

   We will look forward to seeing you again soon
   until then ...
   We wish you peace and Absolute serenity.
  Would you like to take a short tour?