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  Absolute Serenity
Holistic Massage & GroomTherapies for Gentlemen

Body grooming for Gentlemen
By Sympathetic, competant and very experienced lady therapists, this is not waxing, it is clipping
  and shaving - the gentle answer to your hair removal problems if you can't stand the pain or
  discomfort of waxing; or if you prefer and feel more comfortable that a lady undertakes this grooming
  task for you. Please note that according to the sex discrimination act regarding such therapies, that we
  have the right to discriminate against unsuitable callers.
We are careful and selective to choose genuine
  clients who are Gentlemen, so as not to put ourselves in any uncomfortable situations in the course of our
  working day.
   Why groom at all? well it is personal taste of course, but gentlemen are becoming more self concious
   of their image and freshness and wanting to look and to feel their best; its just an extension to shaving
   your face and being all round well groomed. Just like ladies some of the area you may like to tackle
   are just to hard to get at, that is where we come in. We can groom all areas from eye brows down.
   Please note eyebrow shaping does involve plucking, it gives a natural masculine finished effect.

Please note we do not shave faces or heads,
   that is a job for your Barber.

  Please respect our professional status when calling, all initial calls
  are monitored to maintain the calibre of clientele, and we do not tolerate
  nuisance calls or make appointments with any one who speaks in an in
  appropriate fashion or makes us feel in any way un comfortable  or
  undermined in any way during the call; A gentlemen would never do that.


Eyebrows - Beard and Moustache Back - Chest - Shoulders - Arms
  Underarms     AbdomenLegs - Speedo (Brief line) & Personal Grooming,
this is all of  the Groin area, it includes the Buttocks, Scrotum (and all the
  underneath as required.) We call  this a Personal Groom. All areas  are
  approached sensitively and with professional skill, using  a combination of
  clipping and shaving to achieve  the finished look.

   Please take the time to read this page if you are considering some professional grooming, it saves time
   as we explain here how we go about things. We know and understand that male grooming is quite
   different to ladies', it is not often a case of " all hair off ". Your finished groom is tailor made to suit you.
   We understand that gentlemen may be shy or self concious or have concerns, if they are considering
   grooming for the first time. Clipping and Shaving as opposed to waxing is a very gentle and comfortable
   procedure - you will be lying on a therapy couch in a warm room. There is nothing to worry about, we are
   very professional and experienced and you won't have any thing we haven't seen before. We are used to
   seeing bodies, there is really nothing to get embarrassed about, we will put you at ease. It is a bit like
   visiting a nurse - except that you are not poorly, and you will leave feeling  fresh as a daisy - hair problems
   all  taken care of. Talking about fresh, we have shower facilities here if you are coming straight from work,
   other wise please do come
freshly showered.
  This Page is  gentlemen who require Pampering or Body Grooming
  We do care about the
  finished result of your
  grooming and will always
  ask and respect your opinion
  as well as your feelings.
   You are in Safe and
       Careful Hands


    Full Body Clip or Shave (or combination) - allow 2 /3 hours - Fee 80
    Back & Chest, Buttocks can be included - allow 1 hour 15 - Fee 40
    " Clip Only" Back, shoulders and arms - 30
     "Clip Only" Chest, Shoulders and tummy - (To navel) - 30
    Eyebrows trimmed and shaped  - involves plucking  - 15
    Moustache or/and beard trim  and tidy - 20
    Brows and Beard inclusive @ 30
Personal Groom, or clip and Shave - allow 1hours 15 mins  - Fee 40
    includes all groin area, leg tops, Scrotum and underneath, this can be
    a full Hollywood (all hair cleanly  removed) or neatly groomed to a
    small front patch. (known as a Brazilian or some times Boyzilian)

(Please note  Special Discounts do not apply to Personal Grooming)
     The procedure will vary according to the finished required effect,
     it can include combining the use of a cordless electric trimmer,
     and also razors with foam. After the hair has been removed the
     skin is treated with witch hazel to calm the skin, and then a good
     quality antiseptic cream containing zinc is applied to prevent any
     skin rash from erupting the next day.
    You need to call us in advance to make an appointment, we
    are never available at short notice. We have been operating
    with success for eight years now, with a growing core of regular
    and satisfied clients who return,... so we do get very busy. We
    do generally need 24 hours notice to avoid disapointment, and
    it is always best to call early in the morning from 8.30 till 10am.
    After this time if we are busy with clients  we do not answer
    the phones, once you have our land line you can always leave a
   voice mail 24x7 and we will call you back as soon as we are free.
   Some days we do have back to back appointments  already booked
   in advance. Please go to the contact page and read our policiy on
   making  and cancelling appointments  before you call on the mobile
    number here.

Dont suffer the discomfort of  un wanted body hair any more - we can help.
Male Body Grooming at Absolute Serenity
        Go from Cave man Hairy to smooth as a babies bottom
                                       And as fresh as a flower!
All off and smooth or just clipped short, it's your choice.

We do sometimes have special offers which may include
    Clipping and shaving - check out the Offers page for any
    current offers. You may book in advance for a
    of Body  Grooming and a Massage - we always need
    advance notice because of the time we have to reserve for
    you; We will calculate the time and tell you how much time
    to allow in your schedule so there is no rush and you
    can relax and enjoy your pampering. Please visit the
    Therapy Page 1 & 2 for details on massage therapies
     before calling if you are interested in a combination of
     Grooming and Massage.

     For  example if you are coming for a  Back and Chest
     Clip and Shave folllowed by a Body Massage you will
     need to allow about  2 and a half  hours and your total
     fee will be 90 -

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           We offer Massage therapies which can include face,head,hands & feet. Also Manicure & Pedicure.
  Absolute Serenity welcome discerning gentlemen by prior appointment
                        Switch off - Relax and enjoy some well deserved pampering
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Hygiene and Equipment

We strive for the highest standards in hygiene and cleanliness for your safety and Comfort

    To reassure you, as is common practice within the Health Industry we use where ever possible and practical only
   disposable items. We use paper roll couch covers, and also plastic which is used once only and disposed of. Where
   possible we use paper instead of clothes to clean. When we use electric clippers, the heads are removed after
   every use, they are washed first in hot water to remove the hair residue, then the heads are sanitised with either
   surgical spirit or barbicide, combs and scissors will be treated in the same way. If we are shaving using razors and
   foam, we use disposable razors once and dispose of them. We do this to prevent any chance  of cross infection.
   If we notice some one has for example, athletes foot, or fungal toe nail (although this is extremely rare, it can
   happen that some one is un aware that they have an infectious condition) We can of course refuse to
   handle that part of the body, but we choose to use surgical gloves. We always  treat people with sensitivity
   and diplomacy, but we are duty bound to point out that they appear to have an infectious condition, although of
   course strictly speaking we are not always qualified to say, (but we have seen enough bodies and have enough
   training to recognise most infectious conditions, and we would note this on the clients records and inform them
   sensitively that  they should consult a chiropodist, or dermatologist. We
always sanitise our hands in the course of
   every treatment where we have to handle feet, healthy or otherwise as a precaution, before moving on to another part
  of the body.

   Your health and wellbeing are absolutely our main priority in everything we do. If we notice some one may have a
   foot infection we will ask them to keep  the plastic flip flops on if they have to visit the bath room, we will not allow
   them to wander in bare feet. All flip flops are washed and sanitised after use. The bathroom is kept scrupulously
   clean, as you would expect. The shower and shower mat are cleaned and disinfected after every single use.
   All towels are used once and washed on a very hot cycle, and also disinfected. The hand towels in the bathroom
   are  replaced with fresh towels daily.  *
You are in safe hands*

It goes without saying we expect clients to visit us in a perfectly clean and hygienic condition, we do have shower
   facilites  you are welcome to use if your appointment is after your day at work.
Manchester M60
      waxing 4men.com
   Please note that we see gentlemen for body grooming  only at our professional discretion, and according to the excemption in the Sex Discrimination
   Act; we do have the right to withhold this service. We have the absolute right to feel comfortable and secure at work. We expect to be treated with
   professional respect and dignity according to ettiquette and good manners. Any improper  behaviour or suggestions will result in the immediate
   termination of the therapy with no right of refund.
All Therapists are fully
  qualified and experienced;
  They are members of the
   International Institute and
   Council for holistic and
   Beauty Therapists.